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November is Long Term Care Awareness Month

2009 is the third year since Congress declared November to be Long Term Care Awarenss month.  This is a time for all Americans to reflect and plan ahead for what they would do in the event of an extended care need.  

The decision on how to fund one’s future care is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.  It affects those who care about you and those you care about.  Those who have taken the time to plan ahead are to be commended.

However, long term care is a shared responsibility.  And there may be many people who you care about who have not planned ahead or are unaware of their options.  Consider recognizing LTC Awareness month by asking friends, neighbors, business associates and loved ones if they have had a complimentary overview of their long term care options.  They may be interested; they may n0t be.  But we will have given them some very important information.

November - LTC Awareness Month