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Jason Addresses LTC Professionals

Earlier this month, a group of long term care insurance specialists gathered in Chattanooga for a weekend of professional development.  Jason Hillner, CLTC was pleased to be asked to share his knowledge of the CLASS (Community Living Assistance and Supportive Services) provision of the Health Care Bill of 2010. 

CLASS will provide for a voluntary federal long term care insurance program.  This will allow for coverage for people below the federal poverty level to get coverage for $5/month and for those with very significant health issues to be covered, as well.   While the premium for non-indigent workers are expected to be higher than private LTC insurance, CLASS does provide an interesting opportunity for these special groups.

Jason Hillner educates long term care professionals from around the South in Chattanooga, April, 2010.


We’re Still Suckers for Grandkids! – from MetLife

It’s the one financial commitment nearly every retiree faces without factoring into their plan — the grandkids!

It was estimated that in 2009 grandparents would spend $2 trillion
dollars, with approximately $52 billion of this amount going to
goods and services for their grandchildren. Since 2000, the amount
grandparents spend on their grandchildren has increased an average
of 7.6% per year.

Personally, I think I may be breaking that mold with my granddaughter, Lindsey!

Check out this study from MetLife Mature Market Institute for more information.

-Gail R. Lindsey

Why I Did It! – Dean and Gay Negus (Signal Mountain, TN)

“We have been considering long term care insurance off and on for the past 4 years. We understand the importance of the coverage but never got around to it. Your command of the facts and knowledge of the programs was important to our decision. Now we feel more secure and less anxious about being a burden to our children” April, 2010

Top 10 insults for “old folks”

Great article and very on point! – Gail Lindsey
Top 10 insults for “old folks”

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Why I Did It! – Carol Varnes (Chattanooga, TN)

“Having LTC insurance will give me peace of mind about the future. Thank you, Gail, for your thorough presentation.”