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Why I Did It! – Janice and Buckley Robbins (Chattanooga, TN)

“Long Term Care insurance has long been a subject of discussion and it is now completed. Having done this gives us a sense of security for the future.”


Hillner speaks at “Sandwiched” Support Group.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with participants at the “Sandwiched” support group, facilitated by Amy Boulware. Mrs. Boulware is the Director of Social Services for the Chattanooga Jewish Community Federation of Greater Chattanooga.

“Sandwiched” refers to those who are simultaneously caring for their elderly parents while they are still contributing to or actively raising children. These special people have more on their plate than anyone should have to handle at one time and they are doing it with courage and grace.

I was pleased to share information about planning regarding their own future care. The participants were eager to ask questions and seemed excited at the possibility of their children being protected from the experience they were currently going through.

Thanks, Amy, for your great work in the community and I hope to be made available in the future!