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Financial Guru Terry Savage Lists Weighing LTC as One of the Top 7 Things to Do in 2011.

Survival and Recovery: A personal financial strategy guide to 2011 – Chicago Sun-Times.


Family and Sibling Relationships Soured by Unplanned Long Term Care Needs

This New York Times article takes a great look at a subject gaining a lot of traction in our society – how long term care can damage family relationships when not handled properly. Even the most organized, loving and affluent families find themselves playing tug of war when a parent needs care and there is no plan in place that all have agreed to follow. Read more:

Adults with ADHD 3x More Likely to Suffer in Later Life with Common Form of Dementia

With the number of adults diagnosed with ADHD constantly on the rise, this is a powerfula and provocative study from the European Journal of Neurology.

Under 65 Nursing Population Rose 22% since 2003

Advances in medicine mean those who experience trauma and unexpected illness are more likely to survive. The problem is, there’s no guarantee they will leave the hospital whole. Read this young man’s story from th AP:

Some Rights You May Not Know About

For those of you on Medicare, you may be unaware that you have the right to appeal if you or a loved one is being discharged prematurely. In fact, when you are going to be discharged, you will receive a notice entitled “An Important Letter from Medicare”. This will have information about how to appeal the decision to discharge. You are also entitled to remain hospitalized until the decision is made and to have your decision expedited.