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LTC Premiums – Rate Increases and the Press

No one ever wants to hear they are experiencing an increase in their long term care insurance premium…or any premium, for that matter. There’s a few things, however, that recent media reports don’t always explore that are important to point out:

1. A rate increase must be substantiated. Carriers do not want to increase, it’s bad PR and not in their interest. An increase in rates underscores the need for their coverage. People are living even longer, becoming even sicker, with conditions that are even more chronic. And the costs keep rising.

2. The increases are usually based on much older issue ages. The average age of a new policyholder has gone from 72 to 56. So increases, even modest increases, are felt much more harshley. The fastest growing group of new policyholders are 45-54. If they are subject to rate increases in the future, the difference will be much more manageable, since it will be based on a much lower number.

Just a thought…


Suze Orman Continues her promotion of LTC Planning

This video, from Suze Orman’s Money Class (and featured on the OWN network) is just the latest example of the financial guru’s promotion of long term care insurance. We are so pleased that she is continuing her effort to make people aware of the need to plan ahead. What’s even better is she has changed her tune about when to begin investigating (she used to say 60, now late 50s – I suggest ages, 45-54 the fastest growing age bracket).

I would amend one piece of her presentation – she does speak a lot in this video about nursing home care. She’s right to mention it, but part of LTC awareness is helping people understand long term care insurance is the most potent tool people have to never darken the door of a nursing home and to age safely in place. Thanks, Suze!

See the video here:

Great New Video from CNN RE: Long Term Care

Genworth’s new spokesperson, 1976 Olympic gold medalist Wendy Boglioli, conducts an insightful interview that shows the toll long term care has on families, particularly women of the “sandwich generation”.

CNN iReport – Long Term Care

Excellent Video that Sums Up the Challenges and Hopes in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s.

Check this out, it’s under two minutes…

Three Senior Couples Renew Vows at New Jersey Senior Center – Right at Home Senior Home Care

Cute! Three Senior Couples Renew Vows at New Jersey Senior Center – Right at Home Senior Home Care.

Top 10 insults for “old folks”

Great article and very on point! – Gail Lindsey
Top 10 insults for “old folks”

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Too funny article — Grandma’s Biker Gang!

Check out this article from NBC Chicago detailing a real night on the town for residents in a retirement community.  May we all have this kind of fun in our golden years!

– Gail R. Lindsey, M.S., CLTC

L&A Recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Jason Hillner, CLTC with his mom, Susan, and wife, Jennifer Van Kirk, in Pacific Beach, CA, January 2009.
Jason Hillner, CLTC, with mom, Susan, and wife, Jennifer Van Kirk, in Pacific Beach, CA, January 2009.

Like so many diseases, breast cancer is a malady that most families never expect to encounter until they suddenly meet it face-to-face.  Such was the case for my family when my mom, Susan, was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcnoma in October, 2007.  While the shock to our family was tempered by both an excellent prognosis and my mother’s ever-positive outlook, one is never prepared to hear that a loved one is living with “The Big ‘C'”.  We are fortunate to have the life-saving technology that enables women like my mother to place cancer where it belongs – life’s rearview mirror.  My family, and the Lindsey and Associates family, salutes the millions of women around the world affected by breast cancer, their families, and the valiant men and women who treat them.

-Jason L. Hillner, CLTC