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You’ll Likely Need Long-Term Care, But How Will You Pay for It?

Click HERE to read this great article featured in the health section in US News and World Report.


USA Today Article Highlights Importance of Planning Ahead

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Great article on the long term care needs of people under 65!


Journalist Describes the Toll of Alzheimer’s – From a Firsthand Perspective

Accomplished Journalist Greg O’Brien describes his battle with Alzheimer’s to NBC News. This is a riveting account of bravery and persistence that need not go unnoticed.

CBS Puts Long Term Care Insurance in the Spotlight

This topic is only going to get more and more popular as the “Silver Tsunami” approaches. Best to plan ahead now!

Caregiver stress

Are you going to buckle under the stress of becoming your spouse’s caregiver?  Extended care coverage will provide relief.


Poll:  More stressful to care for spouse than mom


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! How will you end 2014 more prepared than when it began?


The Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Act – Real Hope for a Real Fight

Congratulations and thanks to Representatives Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Ed Markey (D-MA) for introducing the Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Act, which will raise the focus of national funding toward finding treatments for Alzheimer’s that will cure the disease or slow or stop its progression.

This is such an imperative need for all Americans, not just those affected by Alzheimer’s. As we wrangle over our budgetary issues, finding a way to control Alzheimer’s is key to the stability of entitlement programs. See this excerpt from a press release from the Alzheimer’s Association on the Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Act:

“According to the Alzheimer’s Association’s 2011 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures report, total payments for health and long-term care services for people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias amount to $183 billion, with Medicare and Medicaid making up the overwhelming majority of these costs. In fact, for every $28,000 Medicare and Medicaid spend on care for individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementias; the NIH spends only $100 on Alzheimer’s research.

This disproportion underscores the need for a greater commitment to Alzheimer’s research in order to find effective interventions that will reduce care costs. A treatment that delayed onset of Alzheimer’s by just five years could reduce the government’s spending on caring for those with the disease by 45 percent in 2050.”

Money And Life Changes — Special Report — Long-Term Care Hits A Nerve – CNBC

Money And Life Changes — Special Report — Long-Term Care Hits A Nerve – CNBC.

A Heartbreaking Story Every Family Should Read

We have a colleague in central Georgia whose client wanted to share this story. We are honored to share it with you…

Dear Friends,
Please take a moment to read this message. I want to let you know of a tragic accident involving my niece and her beautiful family.

On Christmas Eve, my niece, Trina Haxton (29), and her husband, Paul (30), were driving with their two daughters, Lyndsey (6) and Hayley (4) to visit Trina’s mother (my sister). Less than a mile from her mother’s house, they lost control of their car. It rolled several times, finally landing upside down in a ditch. Paul was killed instantly and Trina sustained severe spinal chord injuries. Miraculously, the girls survived with only minor bruises. No one witnessed the accident, but a neighbor heard the girls crying for help and was able to get the girls out of the car and save Trina’s life.

Trina was air-lifted to the University of Maryland Medical Center where she underwent emergency surgery on her spine and is currently in critical condition. She suffered such devastating injuries that she will likely be a quadriplegic. We are hopeful that she will be able to breathe on her own. Paul’s New Year’s Eve funeral was attended by hundreds of friends and family members but not by his loving wife. Fortunately, they were able to videotape the funeral so that Trina can watch it when she is conscious and healthy enough. She has not seen her girls since the accident.

The girls are safe and staying with my sister, Trina’s mother, in Delaware. My sister was nearing retirement and will now care full-time for her daughter and two granddaughters.

As you might imagine, Trina is facing a lifetime of devastating medical costs. They are a loving family. Before the accident, Paul was a devoted father who worshiped his girls, and Trina was a dedicated mother who stayed home with them. Now, she faces an unimaginable battle.

I am asking you to consider making a donation to help them care for the girls and provide ongoing care to my niece, who may never be able to hug her children again. For all the fun runs, 5Ks, bake sales, and office pools you’ve ever given to, please consider this request. Perhaps you can make a donation in thanks for your own personal blessings. We are heart-broken and hoping for a miracle.

The family is accepting donations at the following site:

I am also attaching a link to a video with some pictures of my niece and her beautiful family. Please feel free to forward to anyone whom you believe might be moved by this story.

Paul Sponaugle

Wanna Stay Home Sweet Home? Better Make that Home Safe!

Believe it or not, the bathroom is far and away the most dangerous room in the house. This is true for people of all ages, but especially for seniors and those with movement difficulty. Here, in this article from IM blog, are the top 5 household items that can keep your bathroom from becoming an obstacle course: Check it out!

Learn about Alzheimer’s in 3 minutes… GREAT VIDEO!

This is such a stark reminder of what we’re up against in the Memory Walk. Take a look before or after making your donation.
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Circles of Care: How to Set Up Quality Home Care for Our Elders. – ElderLawAnswers Articles

Circles of Care: How to Set Up Quality Home Care for Our Elders. – ElderLawAnswers Articles.

Spouses Face Hurdles When Caring For Themselves, Ill Loved Ones – Kaiser Health News

It is so touching the lengths we will go to to care for those we love.  Click to read Spouses Face Hurdles When Caring For Themselves, Ill Loved Ones – Kaiser Health News.

Newspaper letters shed light on people’s opinions about long-term care during the Depression – McKnight’s Long Term Care News

Newspaper letters shed light on people’s opinions about long-term care during the Depression – McKnight’s Long Term Care News.